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Question: How has Pilot Door Systems remained competitive in a tough industry and financially tight economy?

Answer: By giving our customers what they want and expect in a roll up door. The innovations we have made to our door and product line are not because it costs less for us to do. When talking to facility owners/managers, steel bldg suppliers and contractors - three concerns with roll up doors in general were reoccurring; bearing failure, spring adjustment / replacement and longevity of the paint system. It cost a lot of money and time in R & D, but we have addressed these issues. We are always looking for feedback on how we can improve and do better – please feel free to give us your feedback.

Question: Why does Pilot Door Systems use a nylon bearing instead of the old, industry standard steel bearing?

Answer: Steel bearings on curtain doors have been around for 40 years. It is old and cheap technology. They work just fine – for awhile. Steel bearings corrode, rust, and attract dirt which over time makes the door harder to operate, putting stress on the rest of the door and leads to guaranteed failure – in humid or dusty / dirty areas failure happens sooner. Our NEVER SEIZE nylon bearings have more contact surface area, are self cleaning, will never rust or corrode and will never fail. We did not make this change to save money – a nylon bearing costs much more than a steel bearing – we did it because the nylon bearing is better, and our goal is to provide our customers with the best built, longest lasting door possible.

Question: Why doesn't Pilot enclose the drum?

Answer: Serviceability. Our door is easier to service because we do not enclose the drum. Even though it is rare – when or if you ever need to service the spring, you do not need to tear the door apart, or replace the drum or door to do so. Many facility owners absolutely refuse to buy a door if the drum is enclosed because they know the drawbacks to the enclosed design. The competition also uses the outer enclosure to strengthen the drum because the inner shaft is inadequate for the weight of the door curtain. Pilot uses the thickest wall and largest diameter shaft in the industry – alleviating the need for the outer drum enclosure.

Question: Does Pilot have the fastest and easiest spring tensioning system on the market?

Answer: Yes. We worked hard and spent a lot of time on the CLICK TENSION system. Try everyone else’s, then try ours. We wanted facility managers to be able to make adjustments very easily and at any time.

Question: Does Pilot Door Systems have the best paint system available?

Answer: Yes. Pilot uses the siliconized polyester Beckry – Tech paint system, which offers a 40 yr. adhesion warranty and 25 yr. chalk and fade. It is the best paint system on the market with the best warranty for the door application.

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