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Curtain: 26 G. hot dip galvanized steel.  Bonderized, epoxy base coat with polyester top coat.  Baked at 850 degrees.  

Drums: 18 G. welded to pipe (2 drums up to 7’ width, 3 drums from 7’ to 10’).  Number and size of springs depend on door weight, rated for 10K cycles. Pipe is 1” (inside diameter) schedule 40. Click tensioner for easy adjustment.

Bearings: Self cleaning nylon with longer life and better function than ball bearings.  

Track: 18 G. galvanized steel with plastic alloy wear strips. 

Support Brackets: 12 G. galvanized steel.   

Maxi-Slide: 12 G. Yellow-zinc electro-plated steel. Over-lock capability,  

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